TESA 4970

TESA 4970 is 225µm double-sided white PVC film tape

  • Backing material: PVC film
  • Type of adhesive: tackified acrylic
  • Total thickness: 225 µm
  • Color: white
  • This tape is a thick white double-sided self-adhesive tape consisting of a PVC film backing and a tackified acrylic adhesive.
  • TESA4970 is a white, double-sided mounting tape with a highly tackified acrylic adhesive and PVC backing.
  • The double-sided PVC film tape has exceptional bonding performance and is used in various different industries, frequently used for fastening heavy signs and point-of-sale displays.
  • The tackified acrylic adhesive features excellent adhesive performance, offering a reliable bond even on low-energy surfaces and rough or slightly dirty substrates.
  • The strong adhesive and PVC backing make the tape highly resistant to numerous factors, including plasticizers, humidity, aging, UV light, and chemicals.
  • TESA 4970 offers a very high initial bond immediately after application and is ideal for various long-term mounting applications.
TESA 4970
TESA 4970
TESA 4970
TESA 4970

TESA 4970 Features

  • Excellent combination of high tack and immediate adhesion
  • High coating weight for good bonding performance on rough or dusty surfaces
  • Suitable for long-term applications
  • An outstanding adhesion level even to critical low surface energy materials such as PP and PE
  • Immediate functionality of the laminated bond due to excellent initial tack.
  • Suitability for most demanding applications such as heavy stress, high temperature of critical substrates
  • Light and age-resistant acrylic adhesive
  • Immediate usability right after assembly
  • High adhesion and very good bonding strength, even to low surface energy materials
  • Immediate functionality of the laminated bond due to excellent initial tack
  • Light- and aging-resistant acrylic adhesive for long-term applications
  • Very good plasticizer resistance
  • Good conformability for good adhesion even on rougher surfaces due to the PVC backing

TESA 4970 Applications

  • Mounting of decorative POS materials and displays
  • Mounting of signs and scales
  • Mounting of plastic and wooden trims
  • Mounting of battery packs, lenses, and touch-screens in electronic devices
  • Mounting of ABS plastic parts in the car industry
  • Self-adhesive mounting of rubber EPDM profiles
  • Mounting of decorative profiles and molding in the furniture industry
  • TESA 4970 is the perfect solution for mounting decorative POS materials and displays

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