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TESA 4621

TESA 4621 is Multipurpose outdoor cloth tape

  • Backing material: PE extruded cloth
  • Type of adhesive: acrylic
  • Total thickness: 125 µm
  • Adhesion to Steel: 2.6 N/cm

TESA 4621 is a translucent green pressure sensitive adhesive tape based on an acrylic adhesive and a polyethylene backing reinforced with a polyester cloth.

TESA 4621
TESA 4621
TESA 4621
TESA 4621

TESA 4621 Features

  • The multipurpose cloth tape can be effortlessly torn by hand in both vertical and horizontal directions.
  • It offers gentle unwinding without curling when torn.
  • The outdoor tape is waterproof and weather resistant for up to 8 weeks.
  • The cloth reinforcement withstands wear and tear from tools, ensuring the tape remains unbroken, which offers hassle-free removal.
  • TESA4621 features high initial adhesion, yet it is easily re-positioned.
  • The low thickness ensures maximum flexibility.
  • The green color is easy to identify on various surfaces.

TESA 4621 Applications

  • TESA 4621 multipurpose cloth tape can be used for all kinds of outdoor purposes, such as:
  • Masking for the painting of facades, coating of floor markings, plastering, etc.
  • Holding protective layers such as plastic films and paper sheets in place
  • Fastening and bundling of wires, cables, and loose objects
  • Plus a variety of further uses like taping lightweight signs onto walls and sealing of boxes
  • Exterior wall painting, spraying and shielding, floor marking
  • Fixed protective film (such as plastic film or paper)
  • Fixing and binding harness or other items
  • Other purposes, such as pasting lightweight signs on walls and sealing boxes

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