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NITTO 5000ND is a kind of Nitto double-sided tape, which is a non-woven fabric base double-sided tape, made of non-woven fabric double-sided coated with acrylic glue.

  • Tape thickness (mm): 0.32
  • Width (mm): 5 - 1, 200
  • Length (M): 50

No. 5000ND is a double-coated adhesive tape consisting of acrylic adhesive that is applicable to a wide variety of substrates.
The thickness of No.5000ND is much higher than current products, so No. 5000ND has high adhesion properties even though a light load application to several substrates including rough face substrate.
In addition to these properties, because the substrate of No.5000ND is a strong non-woven fabric, you can easily release it with little tape residue, reworking several materials in constructing process.


NITTO 5000ND Features

  • high adhesion property even though a light load application to several substrates including rough face
  • Leaves minimal adhesive residue; can be reworked.
  • Offers a wide range of usage and service temperatures as well as superior repulsion properties.
  • 10 restricted substances by RoHS are not contained.
  • 5000ND has strong adhesion in the process of slight crimping and on rough surfaces.
  • The product is widely used and has strong temperature adaptability and remarkable viscosity.
  • The extremely strong non-woven fabric makes the tape have strong tensile strength, hardly leaves residues when used again, and the tape is not easy to be torn.
  • Does not contain hazardous substances (RoHS) 6 substances prohibited in the restriction directive.

NITTO 5000ND Applications

  • Bonding of metal plates, plastic plates, and foam
  • Bonding of cushioning and sealing materials in: Printers, Copiers, Televisions, Other office equipment, and home appliances.
  • Applications requiring re-peeling
  • Generally used for pasting metal plates, plastic plates, polyurethane foam materials, etc.
  • It can be used to paste office automation equipment such as printers and copiers, as well as polyurethane cushioning or sealing materials used in
  • household appliances such as TVs and air conditioners.

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